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Hello! I am Amy and I created this.

I’ve been part of the creative advertising industry for a very long time. I’ve had various roles but the one I loved the most was agency producer which I have done on and off for the last 8 years.

Over time what I realised I loved about this role (and others I have had) was the incredible people I got to work with project to project. Every time there was a new job, it required different skills and passions. Finding the people & businesses to make these jobs come to life and have the best possible result is what I loved. I’ve been lucky to work with some of Australia’s absolute best creatives, film crew, post production houses, sound designers, web developers, artists, photographers, animators….. Very lucky.

I am inspired by creative, passionate people who not only love what they do but have carved a way of working that works for them. Small business, freelancers, sole traders…. the energy and courage to make what they do their own. Create Crowd is for those people I’ve loved working with. 

Create Crowd is to be a valuable tool for people to help connect to find jobs, for larger businesses to find the best of the best and for a way to share the creative excellence so many people are achieving every day. 

Take a look around and see what we are creating here!